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Duduzile Zuma sent a strong message to Cyril Ramaphosa. See what she said.

Duduzile Zuma


Duduzile Zuma was born in the year 1984 and is known as the little girl of the fourth South African President, Jacob Zuma. Duduzile has a twin brother named Duduzane. Their mom, Kate, ended it all on the eighteenth of December 2000, and her body is covered in Heroes’ Acre at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg.

Following yesterday’s breaking news regarding the saddening suspension of the South African advocate, prosecutor, and ombudsman, who has served as the 4th Public Protector of South Africa since 2016, going by the name Advocate Busisiwe, Duduzile Zuma made an unflattering statement about the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa. In


In her Twitter post, the daughter of the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, stated that this was “A Desperate Act By A Desperate Useless President.” The Last Kicks of a Dying Buffalo We Will Meet You In The Streets. This never came as a surprise to South African citizens, as they already know that Cyril is not Duduzile’s favorite person.



Below are some of the comments that were made by concerned South African citizens.


Hopefully this time around, you won’t be twitting in that state house, but you will join us in the street and feel the reality in the streets. The net is closing and you are feeling the heat. Just relax a bit and take it easy. Ramaphosa is not in politics for a career.


The South African President said, “No matter what my sister, your father had his chance and fumbled.” By the way, we know that you never like our president, but right now we love him. We voted for him. The only reason you despise him is that he’s working against thieves in your clan. So said the South Africans.


.ne South African citizen who goes by the name of Skhotsholo urged Duduzile to stop making Cyril angry because he was about to ship back the Guptas from Dubai, and as soon as they arrive, they will sing and your whole family, including your twin, will be in trouble.

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