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House Maid Narrates How Evil Indian Couple Force Her To Watch Them Doing The Unthinkable Act

A lady who had a horrible experience while working as a house maid in Saudi Arabia recounts her tale and offers guidance to other women who are considering working as house maids overseas.


Marion worked as a house maid in Saudi Arabia for an Indian couple. Her employers were from India.



She said that while the Indian couple paid them handsomely, they were treated like animals by them.


She alleges that anytime they accidently destroyed anything in the home, such glass glasses, they would be burned and given a flogging at the same time.


Marion said that she and her partner had plans to have sexual get-togethers at their house on the weekends, inviting their friends to participate.


They will yell for all of the maids to rise up and watch them do the deed in front of everyone.


After they had satisfied their own needs, they would next request that the other person clean up the mess they had made.

Marion has said that she is so devastated that she can no longer put up with being psychologically tormented.

Marion said that she would rather have a low wage but be respected and treated like a human being than be given a high salary and be treated like an animal. She has decided to restart her job search and is willing to accept a wage that is below average.

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