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Police in Bulawayo have arrested the driver of an SA taxi after they found this in his bonnet

The majority of copper is utilized in motors and other electrical devices. This is so that it may be pulled into wires and because it conducts heat and electricity very well. Additionally, it is utilized in industrial machines, roofing, and plumbing (such as heat exchangers).

Electrical wire, cooking pots and pans, pipes and tubes, vehicle radiators, and a host of other things are frequently made using it. Additionally, copper is utilized in paper, paint, textiles, and wood as a preservative and pigment.

Because copper is utilized in so many products, including fiber optics, plumbing, and anything electrical, it is valuable as scrap and the profits are alluring.

A thriving global copper trade is being fueled by the demand for copper from growing nations like China and India. Copper thieves are taking advantage of this demand and the ensuing price increase by stealing the metal and selling it to recyclers all around the country for large profits.

One such thieves, is this taxi driver who was found with copper close to R200 000 hidden in his bonnet, this caused a lot of stir on social media.



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