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SHUTDOWN: Disruption may start a day EARLIER | Malema target Cyril

Malema targets Cyril.
EFF national shutdown
Julius Malema has issued an ultimatum to Cyril Ramaphosa, and the rest of Parliament – Image: EFF/ Twitter

After a strong start to the campaign, threats of a National Shutdown have somewhat eased off in the past few days.

The initial rage from soaring petrol prices seems to have subsided – but the EFF could end up reviving plans for ‘significant disruption’ on Thursday.

When is the National Shutdown meant to take place?

The National Shutdown is meant to take place on Friday 10 June. Parents are being encouraged to keep their children home from school, and the employed have been told to avoid their workplaces.

The goal is to bring the country to a standstill, until the petrol price drops again.

However, what began as a popular and trending social media campaign is now just a few whispers in the wind. Nonetheless, some of the die-hards are still planning to take to the streets on Friday, and the Red Berets may even get the ball rolling earlier.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Julius Malema said he would not rule out leading ‘a shutdown of Parliament’ on Thursday – one day before the National Shutdown is slated to kick-off – on political grounds.

Ramaphosa issue ‘could boost’ organisers of National Shutdown

Juju explained that his comrades would disrupt the National Assembly if Cyril Ramaphosa delivers the Budget Vote, which assesses the progress of initiatives set out during the State of the Nation Address in February 2020. The EFF want the president to step down over ‘Farmgate’.

“We do not rule the possibility of a shutdown out, to demand the president must step aside. He must not address the Budget on Thursday. It must be delivered by the Deputy President, because President Ramaphosa must go to the police station to explain himself.”

Julius Malema

Julius Malema vows to disrupt Parliament

Scenes of chaos and Parliamentary conflict could, therefore, encourage more people to join in with a National Shutdown the day after. Malema himself has threatened to ’cause havoc’, and there’s now a possibility that his frustrations with Ramaphosa could conflate with fuel price protests.

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